In Praise Of YouTube

The problem with liking bands that split up ten years ago is that slow realisation that you will never, ever get to see them live. Now thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s possible to rely on other people’s hard work and forward thinking by watching tons of videos on the internet. Sure, it’s not the same as actually seeing a band in the flesh, but it’s better than nothing.

So if you’ve ever wondered what At The Drive-In playing at a bowling alley would be like, here’s the answer:

Or maybe them playing in a school:

What about Braid playing in a college rec room?

Or even just a full Don Caballero set:


Proper posts to follow soon on the bands The Holy State and Thorns Of Life (ex-Jawbreaker, OMGZ!!1!)


One response to “In Praise Of YouTube

  1. My only regret in life, musically speaking, is not seeing at the drive in live. I love Mars Volta, and seeing cedric/omar boogie on stage is great but they’re no atdi

    I really like your blog!

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