Certain People I Know

As a fan of DIY Punk and its many sub-genres, there’s nothing I like more then being able to describe a band in terms of ex-members of a previous band. It’s like saying that you like a band’s old stuff better than their new stuff, only this time the band hasn’t released anything yet, so they stand little chance of meeting your ridiculously high standards. It takes the idea of Indie elitism to a whole new level.

When I found out that Bob Nanna (ex-Braid, Hey Mercedes, City On Film) had started a new band I was pretty stoked. And to add to that Damon Atkinson (ex-Braid, Hey Mercedes) is playing drums, things are looking good. Apart from the press photo below. Having yet to release any music, personally I find it a little odd that they’d release photos before music. But then again it’s Bob Nanna so I’ll cut him a little slack. 

Apparently the sound a bit like Hey Mercedes. Hopefully early Hey Mercedes. Yeah I went there. Anyway, here is their Myspace, this is their Facebook fan page and this is Bob’s Twitter, if you want to keep up to date with all his goings on. I know I do.


And maybe avoid putting 26 songs on your first release. Not the greatest idea ever.


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