The Thorns of Life

Following on from yesterday, this is another ex-members of post, and it’s a good one. Some time last year, word hit the international punk rock/DIY internet gossip circuit that Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker fame was in the process of starting a new band. Given that Blake hasn’t been involved in music since Jets To Brazil split up, it was pretty exciting news. Joining Blake is Arron Cometbus (of Chrimpshine and the Cometbus zine, among others) on drums and Daniela Sea (from TV’s The L Word) on bass. So that means it’s a trio, with Blake singing and playing guitar. Pretty Jawbreaker-esque really. They played a couple of gigs in Brooklyn in November 2008 and then did a tour of the East Bay/California area in late January. Whilst they’ve yet to release anything officially, there are plenty of videos on YouTube, all with varying sound quality. Below is one of my favourite ones, the song is called ‘New York Is Giving Me The Creeps.’ 

As you’d expect, the lyrics play an important part in Thorns Of Life, but given the sound quality I can only make a couple of lines, most notably “I had a job I couldn’t stand, couldn’t tell you what I did” and the chorus of “New York is giving me the creeps.” So maybe Blake isn’t enjoying life in New York so much. Musically, it’s far more similar to Jawbreaker than Jets To Brazil. At a push I’d say it sounds similar to some of the stuff off Bivouac, but judge for yourselves. Regardless of which band it sounds more like, it’s certainly a welcome return to form.

In addition to the videos, I found a recording from their first gig in Brooklyn. There’s only two songs and they’re not the greatest quality, but they’ll keep people satisfied until they release a record. Rumours have suggested something in March, possibly produced by J. Robbins. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and post the songs; the link is below. Props go out to the person on the Bridge 9 board who recorded and posted these. If that’s you, I hope you don’t mind me posting these. 

The Thorns Of Life – First Show:

Song 1

Song 2

Whilst you’re enjoying these songs, or waiting for them to download, feel free to leave a comment, or just stare at this picture of Thorns Of Life.

Thanks to Brooklyn DIY for the photo.


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