HEALTH – ‘Die Slow’


HEALTH exist in two forms – there’s the HEALTH of their self titled debut album, a big mess of calculated noise and intense tribal drumming. Then there’s HEALTH//DISCO, the remix/dance music arm of the band, where the noise gives way to dance rhythms and snatches of melody. You could probably make an argument for HEALTH//FASHION being a third version of HEALTH, given how ubiquitous their t-shirts are. Too many deep v’s.

‘Die Slow’, HEALTH’s first piece of new material since last year, sees the band move away from the foundations that they lay with their self-titled debut album, instead moving towards a sound not unlike that showcased with HEALTH//DISCO. The furious noise and waves of feedback that made people sit and listen has been eschewed in favour of a more subtle and laid back approach. Focused around a straight ahead four to the floor disco beat, ‘Die Slow’ is a noncommittal meander around a reverb soaked lead vocal, that lacks the purpose or drive of previous material. Whilst in the past HEALTH releases have demanded attention with their aggressive noise rock, ‘Die Slow’ fails to deliver that jarring blow to the face, instead being more content with a friendly pat on the back.


You can listen to it on the Hype Machine here. HEALTH’s myspace is here.


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