The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady - more like The Old Steady, amiright?

The Hold Steady - more like The Old Steady, amiright?

 This week The Hold Steady release their first live record/dvd A Positive Rage. This post has nothing to do with this, although I have listened to it on Spotify and I have to say it’s pretty good. Then again, I would say that because I love The Hold Steady. If you’re not a Hold Steady fan than A Positive Rage isn’t likely to win you over. If you’re already a fan, you’ll enjoy it. This post is about their cover of The Minutemen’s ‘History Lesson – Part II’.

Throughout The Hold Steady’s discography there are numerous references to hardcore and punk – of the top of my head, I can think of references to Youth Of Today, 7 Seconds, Dillinger 4, straight edge and matinee shows. Whilst the Minutemen aren’t a hardcore band in the musical sense, they were on SST and are easily one of the most DIY bands ever. Written by Mike Watt, ‘History Lesson – Part II’ is probably one of the most well known Minutemen songs, thanks in part to its opening line of “Our band could be your life”. A biographical account of Mike Watt and D Boon’s relationship and their experiences of growing up together, it details how “punk rock changed our lives”. For their cover, Craig Finn alters some of the lyrics, making it more specific to his and guitarist Tad Kubler’s time spent in Minneapolis, and gives a nod to their musical influences including Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) and Paul Westerberg (The Replacements). There’s also a bit of accordion, which is always a nice surprise.

Assuming anyone bothered to read that, the download like is below.

The Hold Steady – ‘History Lesson Part II’

As always, comments are welcome.


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