Return of the blog

Tonight is the second of the leaders debates in the run up to the election. It’s an interesting time for politics, and I should really be taking more of an interest. However I decided a better course of action would be to update my blog, which has not been updated for almost a year. What have I done in the last year that is of interest to you, mu humble blog reader? Nothing hugely exciting, but there are some things of note. I went to Paris for a long weekend – it’s awesome and expensive and full of great food, including the best falafel I have ever had. I’ve started contributing to Drowned In Sound (I also wrote a dreadful review for them, but let’s not go into that). My DJ career, such as it is, has taken off. Pickers, Knickers & Shitkickers are taking over Sheffield. I think the key to our success is our poorly produced posters. Such as this one:

That’s about it. The real reason I’m not watching the leaders debate is because I’m looking for jobs. And by looking for jobs I mean fucking about on the internet. Maybe one of the PM candidates will hook me up with something? Probably not.


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