Why Bother?

I recently decided I was going to start blogging more. This is partly down to the unprecedented success of my last two blogs (here and here) – five people told me they liked them, and considering my readership of ten, this is a succes rate of 50%. Not too bad.

Whilst thinking about this post, and the whole idea of blogging, it occurred to me that I’ve been doing it in one way or another for about seven years. When I started University way back in ’03 Live Journal was all the rage, and yours truly obviously got involved. I’m pretty sure it still exists somewhere out in the ether, but don’t get excited. There’s no soul searching, no long emotional rambling. I think I probably just made fun of bands. Which is what I did with my next blog. I started it as a way to keep track of every band I saw live which is a pretty good idea in itself. It was always interesting to see which bands would find it through Googling themselves. One band took so much offence to what I’d written they considered splitting up. It was probably the pinnacle of my blogging career. And writing the phrase “blogging career” is the low point.

At some point, I stopped writing about every gig I went to and started a general music blog. It didn’t really take off, partly due to my laziness, so I moved platform and started yet another blog. This one. I had good intentions but they very quickly fizzled out. Music writing is tough. There are only so many ways you can talk about guitars before you run out of adjectives. At the time I was living in Leicester which only contributed to my lethargic attitude towards guitar music. The Leicester music scene is very set in its ways, good gigs are rare and the local bands are so embarrassing it’s untrue. For more of my feelings on Leicester, you can read this hilarious post. It’s pretty good.

When I moved down to London (cliche number one), I decided to start a food blog (cliche number two). Food blogging is actually pretty good fun and a lot more interesting than writing about music. Except I wasn’t very good at posting, for two reasons. Firstly, I’m very self conscious about taking photos of food in restaurants. Secondly, eating out all the time is very expensive, and I never seem to have any money. So the food blogging kind of feel by the way side. Which brings us up to speed, to this post.

Why am I bothering? I’ve recently been reading a lot of Davis Foster Wallace stuff, and whilst I am in no way comparing myself to him, because that would be stupid, I do want to at least bring a consistency to my blogging. One good joke per week is what I’m aiming for. That, or one obscure reference to Seinfeld. Another reason relates to some job shit which I’m not going to got into. I think one of the main reasons I never manage to stay consistent is the whole self promotion and circle jerk attitude you need to get more readers than your five friends who all work in equally boring office jobs. Self promotion is not my strong point. I mainly do self deprecating, rambling nonsensical posts, with little overall theme and no real structure. Must like this post.

So why bother? I’ve got no idea. But I’m going to.


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