Failure Pile In A Sadness Bowl

If I was better at using slang then I would call this struggle blogging. But I’m not so I’m throwing out dated Patton Oswalt references like a third rate AV Club writer. As always I’m trying to make a go of this blog thing but once again I am failing miserably. The Internet is littered with dead blogs with good intentions. That might be good for a Tumblr turned book deal – last posts in failed social media. Word to Moira Stewart’s Twitter game. It I had more drive maybe I’d do it. But I won’t. Another example worth looking at is the 100 Worst Tweeters Tumblr which built up crazy momentum last year but completely petered out after they seemingly front loaded the countdown. We’ll never find out the top ten now. The last post was John McClure of Reverend & The Makers, who it’s fair to say has an absolutely dreadful Twitter.

But this post isn’t about a failed indie musician and his Twitter feed of delusional #realmusicproperhaircuts rants. It’s more about my inability to stick to regular blogging. My major problem is that I have no angle. I can’t really carve a niche of my own if I don’t know what I’m going for. Aside from the meta-whining and feeling sorry for myself, I don’t really have anything new to add to the internet chatter. Every so often I get surprisingly perspective, like this. My best approach is a cynical, sarcastic take but Four Pins exists for that, what they do is pretty much exactly what I would do if I had the time/inclination. Seriously, Four Pins kills it daily. Like, how is this not a perfectly formed take look on #menswear? I give up. The only interesting thing that may come from this meandering sulk of a post is seeing which of the people I’ve mentioned have a Google Alert set up for their name. My money’s on The Reverend.

For the time being, I think I’m going to stick to my life, which is mostly sulking and buying magazines about expensive clothes I can’t afford. Maybe throw out some posts about my shirts. I recently bought a couple of really nice vintage flannel shirts, so that could be something. Anyone want 500 words about curved yokes and cigarette pockets?


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